Friday, 18 March 2016

Main Stars: Read a book! Blog about it! The fly papers: The flytrap snaps & The Sundew Stalks

I read 'The Flytrap Snaps' a long time ago, but I just found out that a. I didn't do a book review yet and b. there was a new book in the series of The Fly Papers, 'The Sundew Stalks'. So I read them both, and here are the reviews:
   The Flytrap Snaps is a great book, and I really liked it. I recommend this book (and the whole series) to people from 9 to 100, because it is a great story with colorful writing (not literally). My favorite part is when the flytrap tries to be a horror movie star, but ends up in a hair product ad!! HA!
    The Sundew Stalks is also a really good book, and the part that made me go 'awwwww' is when the little pieces of moss, who have been mutated, want their mummy which is the Andromeda plant.

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  1. These sound like interesting books. Did you get them at the school library or from town?


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