Friday, 21 October 2016

Weekly Reflection!!!

I did a lot of revision, since tests are coming up. By revision I mean completing tasks on MathsBuddy.

For writing I had to write a few explanations. I (and the rest of my class) wrote one explanation on frogs, and started one on sleep. Below is the explanation of frogs.

(nearly) All about frogs
OR The lifecycle of a frog

A frog is a tailless amphibian with a short squat body, moist smooth skin, and very long hind legs for leaping. They are green and sometimes brown, and live in swamps and/or ponds to lay their eggs. Some frogs may be be poisonous enough to kill, while others are as murderous as small stones. So for this reason DO NOT attempt to touch a frog you don’t know about.
Image result for poisonous frog
(Above: A poisonous dart frog, or Dendrobatidae)

The lifecycle of a frog is a very strange process. First, two adult frogs (male and female) have to mate, then the female will have to lay her eggs in a pond. The eggs sometimes would merge together to become embryos, and others may not even get past that stage. The embryos will then sit there for six to twenty-one days to hatch. The embryos start to look more and more like tadpoles, with poorly developed gills, tails and mouths. After hatching, a small tailed black spot, or a tadpole, will come out and start clinging to a water-plant, as to not getting washed away and killed.

After a while of being out of its embryo, the tadpole would get some external gills to breathe underwater with. Its tail would also get longer and longer, while it would develop hindlegs. After this stage it would look a little bit more like a frog, just without front legs.

About four or five days after that stage, the tadpole would start to live of food from its tail, slowly making it disappear. A couple days later the tadpole would have very small front legs. Then the front legs would grow, the tail would become shorter and shorter… and behold! A young frog would appear!

Now, the tadpole had become a frog. It would go on with its life, eating flies, jumping about, maybe even accidently eat a tadpole. But then two frogs would find each other, mate, and start the whole lifecycle all over again! Then the frogs will die. Yes, sadly all life must come to an end.

As you learned in the explanation above, a frog’s life cycle is a quite interesting one. You also learned about what a frog was, where they live, and how they lived. Now go outside and see if you can find one!

We actually started a new class novel last week, called 'The Boy in Striped Pyjamas'. It is turning out to be quite a good book, and I hope that there is a good ending.

Also this week, I have completed a Main Star. It was to make a Christmas treat, then give some to your classmates, friends and/or teacher. I made some Lego gummies. The blog post for this is under this reflection post.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Main stars | Christmas food: LEGO GUMMIES!

I made Lego gummies for my Christmas food main stars! The reason I made these for this Main star? Well, it's literally just modified jello, and we eat jello on Christmas. Today I'm going to give some to Miss Hines, and probably some of my classmates. The link to the recipe is HERE.
Oh, and have a nice Christmas in two months! :D

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Cool game: Bad time simulator

Explanation: This is a simulator of UnderTale's Megalovania fight. After the game loads, you should try normal first. Here is website link if you want it big screen: Oh,  and one more thing, if you find you can't control the game, click the game screen. It's right up there.
Controls | select screens: Z to select, X to cancel, arrow keys to move your soul (the red heart) to the selection you want. FIGHT is for fighting, ACT is to check sans (don't have to use this), ITEM is to heal (Pie: 99HP, I. Noodles: 90HP, Steak: 60HP, L. Hero: 40HP, and I advise you only use the higher healing items when you are near the end), MERCY is to spare him (this doesn't do anything really, but in the actual game you GETTTTTT DUNKED ON!!!(instantly killed)).
Controls | bullet dodge box: When your soul is in the box, it can move around freely, but remember to dodge sans' bullets! Again you use the arrow keys to move the soul, but when you are blue you can only jump around, like a platformer game. Hold up to jump higher.

All in all, I think this a good simulator, and if you no hit the first attack or finish the game... tell me in the comment section below! (Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel Cubscouter!!!)

Thursday, 13 October 2016

The boy in Striped Pyjamas | Starting a new class novel! + YouTube updates

At the start of term, our class started reading a new novel. I think you can tell the name of the book, since I included it in the title. The book is about a little boy in a rich family, and the time set is when the holocaust was happening. We did a few activities for it, and they were quite fun. Please stay tuned for the YouTube updates.

(Click the pics to enlarge them kay?)

And now for the YouTube updates. My channel, Cubscouter, will have comic dubs, an explanation of nanotechnology and improved gaming videos coming up soon. But for now, watch my videos, get into my channel discussion and CUBSCRIBE! (#puns)