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Escape of Alcatraz

Hi, guys. This is a story my friends and I have worked on. We hope you like it! I have proofread it.

KABOOM! A massive explosion rocked the nearby buildings of the financial district. The towers threatened to collapse. It was chaos. Smoke billowed from the towers. White fire burst out and knocked over innocent people walking down the street. It was a huge attack on the city of San Francisco. Every man who could help was there. Two figures ran to a group of fallen citizens. “Quickly!” shouted Mackenzie.
“Come on, come on!” they ran as fast as they could but by the time they got to the corner… BOOM! They got busted just like that. “HAHA you made it almost too easy for me, Of to Alcatraz for you boys, HAHAHA!” The Policeman said. “DARN!” said Mackenzie

“NOOO!” Shouted Angus.

Mackenzie and Angus were sent to court for multiple murder. The argument was quite attractive to the judge. And they lost the case. And if things could not get worse, they were sentenced to 6 years in Alcatraz, a terrifying prison island in San Francisco Bay…

The boat to Alcatraz had another inmate. A tall, thin man who had thick handcuffs on. Mackenzie shuffled nervously towards him. “Um, hi,” said Mackenzie. “Hurumph,” said the figure. THUD! The boat had made contact with the wharf. Angus and Mackenzie were escorted off and the other figure was double-handcuffed and escorted up to the prison block. On the way, Angus asked the tall figure, “What’s ya name?”, “Jimmy,” said the figure. “ Jimmy was escorted off the boat by two armed guards towards solitary confinement…

The rest of the day was uneventful except for Jimmy being moved to the normal cells. Jimmy sat away from Angus and Mackenzie at dinner. Jimmy sat nervously wedged between Al Capone and the Birdman. The dinner was spaghetti bolognese. The next day they looked at the bars, waiting for the food to come but it didn’t. The next day they didn’t get food either. But the day after that the guards threw a panting, sweaty (but well dressed) man in a cell and also threw some soda and chips in. The guards grunted in unison (We don’t know how), and told the friends and the other assorted people that this was Colonel Mustard’s birthday party. SO…… everyone started eating the delicious food and laughing like crazy! But then Jimmy remembered. ”Hey wait a minute, isn’t Colonel Mustard from that boardgame Cluedo?” And with that, he fainted.

“Gah!” Whispered the new (and nicely dressed) man, tapping the steel walls, “We’re trapped in this darned… whatever this is. Ah! Wait, no... Yes! Let’s call it the steel box.” “Wow, look,” Angus muttered with all of his strength, “more food.” And then he went back to sleep. “Where do you come from?” whispered Jimmy to the man, “And what’s your name?” “Well, one, I don’t know. And two, My name is Kyle. By the way, have I told you I don’t have any idea where we are? If I have, sorry.” And then he went back to strangely tapping different parts of the wall. Jimmy thought for a while then started saying, “Do you-”

“Hey listen! If I tap different parts I can make different sounds listen to this!” Kyle made a series of difficult taps.

“You know what that was?” He grinned.

“I don’t know, but-”,

“It says the food is drugged!”

“That's right, Sonny” laughed the guard

“arrrrRRRR!” groaned Angus

“TRUTH drugs!” the guard commented

“HA HA HA” laughed Delirious Mackenzie

That's when all Panic broke loose. Convicts in all of the cells dropped whatever they were eating and pounded on the bars. That's when one convicted gang member (although it was never proven) yelled “I suppppppose thissss isssss what I dessssssserve ssssince I killlllled thatttttt nice goooooo Youngggng chap whooooo lived down the roadddddd.”

“HA! It WORKS!” yelled one guard

That's when Angus vomited all over the floor. He had a severe allergy to carfentanil, the main ingredient in the drug.

“Oh Fudge,” said the guard.

The Next day Angus woke up. Except he wasn’t in the cell. There was a doctor over him. He looked across at the wall. There was a monitor with his heart rate on it. It was at… 23 beats a minute!


Back in the prison, an unlucky guard was sweeping up the gooey mess that came from Angus because he was hunched over, the keys on his belt were just outside Kyle’s cell. Then he tried to grab them. That's when the gallery gun officer realised what was going on and attempted to shoot Kyle. Unfortunately, he was a bad aim and the bullets impacted on the cleaners butt. The cleaner screamed the gallery gun officer panicked. 

Kyle grabbed the keys of the floor and cleverly unlocked the door. Then he raced to the nearest cell (Mackenzie) and unlocked it. Then he gave the keys to Mackenzie, who unlocked Jimmy and another convict. Mackenzie then threw the keys to the convict. Then they ran for the door knocking out the guards. A whole gang of prisoners ran out with them, and they found themselves stranded in a forest. The Alcatraz forest, that was. All it contained were two green apple trees planted by the warden. All 13 inmates ran into them. 

Then the US Marines (and the warden who started to cry), who had come to Alcatraz to train. When they saw the convicts, the battle was on. The criminals were armed with twigs while the Marines were armed with submachine guns. It was a massacre. One Marine was knocked out but the criminals were killed. Jimmy pretended to be shot. Kyle and Mackenzie ran into a crack in one of the walls and found themselves inside a weird maze which you had to be a guard to get the map. And so they ran back out to the battlefield, and upon finding Jimmy, they both said their prayers to him because they thought he was dead. “Hey guys,” he whispered, “I’m still alive you know.”

“Gahh! Everybody run! There are zombies!”

The ‘zombies’ were guards escaping on a helicopter that had a drawing of the moon on it.

The Guards started running into their space decorated helicopter and tried to fly to the moon while drinking beer and wine. “Huh,” Frowned Jimmy, “I never noticed that before.” Then the guards landed on the recreation field.

“This is the MOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!” he said

Then the helicopter exploded because a marine thought that it was an escape vehicle, and shot it.

IN THE hospital unit, the friends looked at all the guards dramatically trapped in the handcuffs. The guards were groaning in pain because the cuffs were on too tight and it hurt their wrist. “Help!” cried the guards but it was to no reward as Mackenzie knocked them out. They were just getting Angus out when… A battalion of marines came through the door.

BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM!! The Marines started firing. 42 bullets hit the nurse, 2 hit Angus in the leg, 12 missed Kyle, 1 hit Mackenzie and he fell, and Jimmy faked he was shot. “HA HA HA” laughed the marine captain, armed with a Colt peacemaker. “You are the worst killers! You didn’t bother to arm yourselves!” Then there was a shout and 32 convicts stormed the medic bay. Machine Gun Kelly led the way armed with a Thompson 1932. BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!BANG!

31 marines fell in the first 2 seconds.

Jimmy picked up a Thompson M4A4.

Kyle found a rifle.

Mackenzie and Angus were carried out on stretchers.

And then they all ran down the hill to the Ferry off the island. They were running when the Warden came the around the corner. He was no longer crying and seemed like he was enjoying it.

A standoff.

A duel.

“I’ll fight someone.” Said the Warden “ANYONE! If you win, you are free to go. The Marines may stand in your way but that is not a problem. I am the problem. IF YOU LOSE, YOU ALL DIE! It is a fight to the death. Leave your weapons on the ground.”

“Who will fight me?!”

“I Will,” said Jimmy

The Warden gave him a six-shot Colt peacemaker.

Then they stood away from the convicts and then the warden shouted“En Garde!”
And fired.

The bullet raced across the path, hitting him in the leg. He screamed in pain. He realised that if he did nothing everyone would die. Then Jimmy cocked using the hammer and… Click! It slid back hitting the flint realising a spark that ignited gunpowder and… There was a loud bang, Jimmy’s shot… To nothing. There was no bullet. The gun was empty. “HAHAHA” yelled the warden. “This is the end of you!” Then he advanced menacingly towards Jimmy, Colt in one hand, six bullets in the other…


Main Stars- Present a presentation about Ship’s Cove

Main Stars- Mt. Kahikatea (AKA best view I've ever seen (AKA the best place to dislocate unnameable body parts))

Going up Mt. Kahikatea was the greatest experience I have ever had. Even though there were LOTS of dangers around the corner, it was still a great view at the top. Going up was quite hard, and needed a lot of... uh... what's the word... oh yes, stamina! At the top, I found out I was quite fast. I think that is because, in Taiwan, I did a few hash runs*. And oh, the lunch was fantastic! It felt like I was dancing with angels on a piece of chocolate cake covered in- but anyway, back to business. After the meal, I waited for the first lookout team^ to come back. In that time, Mackenzie made a few pictures of me holding AR lightsabers, and a video starring him, me and Miss Hines. It went like this.

Act 1 scene 1

Mackenzie: Hi. This is Kyle. Kyle, say hi.
Kyle (immediately): Hi.
Mackenzie: And this is Miss Hines.
Miss Hines: (smiling at the tablet, closeup)
Mackenzie: BYE!

Then we got to go see the view. Here are the pics I took: (Ben took the one of me standing up. I am not strong in the force.)

When we were going back down, Mackenzie made up this really fun thing. If we found a place on the mountain we couldn't walk over, we would slide down on our butts. And then, when we got to the bottom, he played some music from the Henry Stickmin game 'Fleeing the complex'. It was the presumed alive theme. It made us feel like we were bosses.


Main Stars: Complete your Artwork for Family Food Fiesta

Here is the picture of my baba and mum. I think they look... cool in this picture.
I hope you liked my great artwork and THANK YOU for looking at this post! I think, you are some good readers.

Main Stars- Bring your family along to the Family Food Fiesta

At the Family Food Fiesta, I had lots of fun playing on the drums. I hope my parents had a great time since there was so many things to do and so much food to eat! It was a great Fiesta. Did YOU have a good time? I hope you did!

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Friday, 18 March 2016

Explaining Saint Patrick's day

Main Stars: Read a book! Blog about it! The fly papers: The flytrap snaps & The Sundew Stalks

I read 'The Flytrap Snaps' a long time ago, but I just found out that a. I didn't do a book review yet and b. there was a new book in the series of The Fly Papers, 'The Sundew Stalks'. So I read them both, and here are the reviews:
   The Flytrap Snaps is a great book, and I really liked it. I recommend this book (and the whole series) to people from 9 to 100, because it is a great story with colorful writing (not literally). My favorite part is when the flytrap tries to be a horror movie star, but ends up in a hair product ad!! HA!
    The Sundew Stalks is also a really good book, and the part that made me go 'awwwww' is when the little pieces of moss, who have been mutated, want their mummy which is the Andromeda plant.

Ten lies about me

Ten lies about me
by Kyle
  1. I am using this font because when I was just born, someone threw grape soda on me and I started singing this song called “Special Elite”. Then my mom said that that font wasn’t supposed to come out until I was 9! Then I started writing with that font on the same day Queen Elizabeth was born because I could use my farts to travel in time.
  2. I eat a lot because when I was still a little girl I went to war and got captured by a trumpet and the trumpet force-fed me lots of tea and crumpets just because it rhymed with his family name, and then he started making me eat soda cakes that tasted like cardboard. The soda cakes turned gigantic and made my stomach like an aircraft carrier.
  3. I have curly hair because when my grandad at Taiwan was nearly blown up, he cut his hair until it turned curly so that it fell off so that his hair would not catch fire if a nuclear bomb from 2059 came from the future. Pity he refused to grow anymore, though. He could have looked handsome.
  4. Once when I was five I ran away from my 5-story apartment from jumping from the top window. But because right before I hit the ground I saw this hideous sight (I later found out it was my teacher) and got momentarily distracted and started to fly. I slapped a Taiwanese man because I didn’t like his hair I and I got his power of speaking Chinese in a Taiwan way. And that is how I learned how to speak Chinese.
  5. I have brown eyes because I thought it would be fun to make a portal in the Caribbean ocean. But after it all drained out onto the mars rover the pirates of the Caribbean came and spanked me for doing such a bad thing. And so they took me to space and into the color chamber and turned my eyes brown. So I ate Captain Jack Sparrow and exploded all the dumber pirates using anfo stuffed into their stomachs (I fed them the anfo as pretend rice) for the brown eyes. The rest of them got caught by the Shadow Proclamation. Then I found out I liked the color brown. Whatever!
  6. I have Jimmy, Mackenzie and Angus as my friends because when peed on a pole I got sent to Alcatraz and drank freezing soda and ate hot chips with them. Then weCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIEDCLASSIFIED(The reason that the top bit is classified is because it would give you spoilers. For example, We kill an alien. We eat a unicorn. We hunt a manticore. By the way, all my other friends? I found them in this old lanky shop with a Chinese man. I refused the gremlin, of course.)
  7. I like riding bikes because once when I was a young sparrow there was a caveman who was an evil dumb caveman, and he evilly rolled over me using his bike which had square wheels made of stone and killed me. But then I saw a white light, and some bodies were shown to me, and I chose a Tyrannosaurus Rex body so that I could be awesome and then I stepped on the evil dumb caveman. But then they evolved into Vikings and made a bomb and killed me so I came back as a human in 2004. And I am now an awesome human thanks to evil biking caveman! :)
  8. The reason I (and the rest of the world) have skin is because I once, when everyone still had  invisible skin, ate white chocolate while riding a bike with three penguins with the army band while blowing a tuba, and then I accidentally spat some stuff out of my tuba and now most people have white skin because of that. And then we all tried to destroy the species of human who still didn’t know how to play piano, and still had invisible skin, and we shot them with milk chocolate bullets then they all turned into the black people.
  9. The reason I like to watch Doctor Who is that when I was a time lord I flew a Tardis into space, but then the stupid head Daleks came and started a war of time. But because I was so smart, I escaped the timelock. I then got pushed into a parallel universe, where I was not real but instead a TV SHOW.😑
  10. Once when I was still a toddler, I was put on a reality TV show by my parents. To make me actually do what they wanted to do, they had to mind control me. But since I was a smart baby, I destroyed the telepathic connection circuit and made them all go boom. But some of the power still lingered beneath me, and made me sensitive, and that is why I am ticklish.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

My Limerick Writing

‘‘There was an old lady from Spain,
Who thought thinking was always in vain.
But one day she looked,
At a really good book.
It was so hard it blew up her brain.”
“There once was a Duke of Brazil,
Who was really, really ill.
And while playing Minecraft,
He said his mom was daft.
Rest in Peace, Duke of Brazil.”
“Once upon a time,
There was a rebel.
Here is his limerick.”
“There was once a boy named Luke,
Who played really well on the flute.
‘Till a very bad day,
All his skill ran away.
Now all he can manage is ‘TOOT’!”
“The once was a baby named Blur,
Who grew a lot of pink fur.
And after she died,
A guilty man lied
That he wasn’t scared of that fur.”
“There once was a kid named Jimmy,
Who was cursed to never stop the shimmy.
Until one faithful day,
The curse went away.
But he still didn’t stop dancing, that Jimmy.”
“There once was a dog called Blim,
Who always went into the gym.
Until this day,
He always stayed

So he could get strong and bite Tim.”

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Main Stars: Curious Cove camp

Here is the lost diary of Kyle Hsieh. Some rescuers found and recovered his Chromebook from the rubble of Gey Main School. We believe it is about Curious Cove camp in 2016.

Typing start <Day 1 Today when I was on the bus, I puked all over myself so I had to change and then go into the school van. When we got off we had to make a chain, so that we could smush all the bags into the water taxi. Then we DID NOT SEE ANY DOLPHINS. After that, we berthed our boat and entered Curious Cove. And so we had some dinner and went to sleep. Here are our cabins.
Day 2 This day we stayed at the camp and ate pies for lunch. By the way, our breakfast was jam and/or butter and/or vegemite and/or honey. We also got to pet pigs, record random videos, look at Mackenzie's dog (who is a Jedi) and play in the games room. It was a great day. Unfortunately, I didn't use my GoPro.
Day 3 Today was a great day! We climbed a mountain, and even though I kept slipping over, well- I mean once, it was so entertaining. When we got to the top, we got to see this incredible view and eat our delightful snack. Wait, did I already say the view was incredible? 'Cause the view was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Here are some pictures and videos of that day.

Day 4 That day we went on a launch to catch some FISH OH YEAHHHH!!! But I didn't take my fishing rod and the hang lines were hard to use, so I could not catch any. :( But... we ate hotdogs so I was happy again! That night, we learnt a line we had to remember if we wanted to enter the competition win a prize tomorrow morning. I am so excited!
>) )~
  /  \
Day 5 This was the last day of camp, and so a) we got up at 6 in the morning, b) We ate breakfast and SOPHIE SPEARS (not me) won the prize: it was a free camp at Curious Cove voucher!!!! Then, c) we went on the water taxi and Jimmy and I played MineCraft Story Mode on Mackenzie's Tablet with him. We then decided to create b0oM t0wN!!! using this map he downloaded, and we destroyed the mansion. When we got off we did the bag chain again, onto the buses. And this time, I didn't puke! Yayyyy! > Typing end