Friday, 27 February 2015

Space dogs

Title: Space dogs
Authors: Justin Ball & Evan Croker
Genre: Sci-Fi

It all begins with Laika, a dog who gets sent to space by the soviet union. She goes through a strange wormhole, and lands on Gersbach, a planet with tiny people. When the planet is faced with destruction by a mysterious force called Disturbance Of Gravity(D.O.G), they use Laika's body design to make an ATV, and put two experienced drivers, Belka and Strelka, inside of the ship.

Blending in should be just fine.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Frozen in time

Title: Frozen in time
Author: Ali Sparkes
Genre: Sci-Fi

(yr 2009)

While playing in the forest with Rachael, Ben sees something glint in the ground. He tells Rachael, and they find some kids from 1956. Their names are Freddy and Polly. They try to help the kids fit in. They solve a (not exactly) murder mystery, and they live normally ever after.

The cunning man

Title: The cunning man
Author: Celia Rees
Genre: Horror

Finn, her brothers and her mom go on an outing at the beach. The place they were staying in was the salt house, owned by Mr. Griffiths. She hears old tales of the wreckers. Then she sees the man on the gale lashed cliff top. Could the sea ghosts be calling to her?.......

Monday, 9 February 2015

Kooky Kyle is here!

Hello, everyone! My name is Kyle, and I have come to the internet.
My fave food is everything except for Taiwan school lunch.
My goal is to finish all the books in the school(I've already started the timing).
I really like video games, especially Minecraft. But my dad will never let me buy it!
I'm really looking forward to miss Panther's class, because it has computers. :)


Title: Ctrl-Z
Author:Andrew Norris

Alex gets a laptop for his birthday, and he finds out if you set the time and type ctrl-z, you can go back in time. He shows his friend Callum, who is a person that makes a lot of mistakes, and Alex goes back in time to stop those mistakes. But everyone knows that stories always have cooler bits. They start to do crazy things on purpose and no-one knows that because they go back in time.