Monday, 31 August 2015

Area and perimeter slide

What I have been doing on Minetest

Because I'm not allowed to get Minecraft, I got this other game instead: Minetest! It is a free game that is like Minecraft, and it's open source! The only thing is there are no mobs, except for things that look like dogs and mud men. You can cook the dogs, but you can not eat them. The mud men look like mud and they shoot fireballs at you. I am building a castle on the game, and it is looking awesome. Here is a video:

Friday, 28 August 2015

KKN quiz results

This time I got 7 points. The question I think was horrifying for everyone is when some hunters thought that some Takahes were PÅ«kekos, and then killed them to eat.

Typing speed test results

The speed I got was 4 wpm less than last time, and the accuracy was 7% better than last time.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Volkswagen take the stroller to a new level

The car company Volkswagen is using the technology in their cars, and making strollers more safer! They are still working on what to put in it, but right now they have a few things: braking so the baby won't get hurt, following the person in front of them and keeping a distance between walls, people and cars.

Ski Trip

Yesterday, we went on a ski trip. It was great fun! On the way there, I kept puking in the car (in a puking bag). Me and Angus kept making jokes about unicorns, zombies, dinosaurs and uni-saurs. When we got there, and we changed into our ski jackets and ski pants. Then we went into the rent room and got our ski boots on, and also got some skis. After that we trudged along to the ski grounds while holding our skis. I then did the beginner's lesson. It was a lot of fun, and we also got to do a race! After the lesson I went onto the moving ground bit, and slid off it when I got to the end. Then I skied all the down the Magic Carpet, and it was awesome! After a bit I also hi-fived Ben while skiing down. I also ate some lunch with Angus, and it was delicious after a lot of skiing, and I also drank from my juice bottle and my water bottle. So refreshing! Then I kept skiing for a while, then climbed up the mountain and slid down. After that, everyone started to do it. I had such a great day! Thanks to the teachers for organizing this and helping us!

Monday, 24 August 2015

My new game on sploder: Robo Wars

Finn's Quest Coldkeep Castle

Title: Finn's Quest Coldkeep Castle
Author: Eirlys Hunter
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy

This is book two of Finn's quest! I didn't read the last one, but it is still understandable. I think it is awesome how Finn can go to this game world, but it is scary for him because he doesn't know what happens if he dies. In this book, Finn has to return to Coralia to save his father. He finds out that his dad is in a dungeon, at Coldkeep Castle, and he sets out to find him. He meets a girl called Nell, and she helps him on the way. What will happen? Read to find out...

Saturday, 22 August 2015

My birthday party

1. Lego gummies: A few days before the party I used a Lego silicone ice cube trays from trade-me to make these Lego style gummies. The recipe for them is here. Also, here are some pictures of the finished thing.

2. Cake: I had planned on making a minecraft cake that looks like the one in the game, but the fondant icing was too expensive. Instead, I only used chocolate fondant. We had to knead the fondant a lot, to make it really soft. Then we rolled it flat and wrapped it around the cake. Here are some pictures.

The party: First, all my friends came and put the presents under our living room table. Then we played with my kinetic sand, and looked at some of our board games. After that we played a game I made called 'stick treasure hunt'. When we finished that, we came back in and the winners got their prize. We then ate the Lego gummies I made, and then opened all my presents! I got gobstoppers, minecraft toys, a Lego technic kit and a few more things. We ate the birthday cake after that. It looked awesome! Unluckily, we didn't get the cake into our pictures before I blew the papercraft things off. Have a look at the pictures below!

Thanks to Jimmy, Callan, Griffin, Jacob and Mackenzie for coming to my birthday party! I hope you liked it!

Main Stars: Create a 'Key Jar' and share it with your family!

Get the printouts here.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Some more stop motions!

Here are some more stop motions, and to subscribe to my channel click the link here:

kkn quiz results

I got 6 out of ten this time, and the one that was the easiest for me was the one above, because NZ's favorite team is the All Blacks!

Typing speed test results

The speed I got was 2 more than last time, and the accuracy I got was 2% less than last time.

My new minecraft stopmotion

Here is my new minecraft stopmotion!
To get to my channel, here is my channel:

Milo and the restart button

Title: Milo and the restart button
Author: Alan Silberberge
Genre: Humor, Realistic Fiction

Summary: Milo's mom is dead. To him, it is like a restart button. He,his sister and his dad move once again to another house. He will need a long time to get used to this new life....

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Jack plank tell tales

Title: Jack plank tell tales
Author: Natalie Babbit
Genre: Adventure

Jack Plank was a pirate, but now he had to go away from his bucaneering. Join him as he makes friends at a hotel, and finds out what to do as a business!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Kiwi Kids News Quiz Results

I scored 50% this time.

The question I found silly was the first one, because I thought Fonterra was supposed to make milk products.

Typing speed test results

I got worse in speed(1wpm), but better in accuracy(3%).

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Jamie Brown is not rich

Title: Jamie Brown is not rich
Author: Adam Wallace
Genre: Humor

Summary: Jamie Brown and his family have no money, not even enough to buy fast food. Their mini golf course is home made. They have to fake that they are full so everyone can eat something. Sometimes there are rich kids who come to jeer at them! Jamie Brown doesn't think they are just on the wrong side of the tracks; he thinks they're on the wrong side of the wrong side of the tracks. But then a mail from Barnaby Von. Barnabus has a check with nearly 100,000,000,000,000 dollars! What will happen?


Title: Boom!
Author: Mark Haddon
Summary: Jimbo is just an ordinary child, but when he finds out his sister Becky lied to him about changing schools he also realizes something very scary; his teacher are aliens with no belly buttons! With an awesome nuclear-powered adventure coming right at them, can they stop their teachers?

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Solar plane begins record attempt

At June 3, there was a Swiss pilot called Andre Borschberg who had begun a mission to fly a plane from China to Hawaii across the Pacific ocean! The catch was the plane is one that used no fuel, but instead solar power. It was called the 'Solar Impulse 2'. The plane's Lithium-ion batteries meant that he needed to have clear skies for as long as possible before it was dark. Andre was a professional flier. He was in no doubt how tough the mission would be.