Friday, 16 October 2015

My Holiday at Christchurch (feat. Cousins Cleo and Bonnie)

A week before the holidays, my dad left to Taiwan for two weeks. So on a Tuesday, we went to Christchurch to have fun with our cousins for a week before dad came back. I got to watch Doctor Who using Aunty Mel's Netflix on her Apple TV, and when my 4 year old cousin Bonnie came to watch it with me she wasn't scared one bit. Not even when the Dalek killed lots of soldiers! Go, Bonnie!
We also all played on the trampoline together. Cleo made up a game called 'Trampoline School'. She was the teacher, and she taught us lots about going on the trampoline. One day we also got onto the beach! All by myself, I started a sand mine and put a tiny hut a little bit away from it. Then I dug a moat and found someone to help me make my fortress. We had lots of fun at Christchurch together, and when Dad came back from Taiwan, we watched some of an episode of Doctor who together.

Book Character Day

Today, I went as a Dalek.
Facts about the book:
  1. It was made from a TV series.
  2. There are lots of people who write doctor who stories, including Artemis Fowl.
  3. Daleks have one rule only: If it isn't a Dalek, EXTERMINATE!!!!!
  4. The Doctor has to regenerate every time he is going to die, and that is why there are 13 doctors.
  5. Daleks are actually controlled by squids on the inside.