Monday, 13 February 2017

Utter Nonsense

The little girl few around the bee movie spellchecker and the curtains pet grobart said : “YOU'RE WELCOME” And then the heart shaped batroom flew across time and time again and room five arrived at the tart stopper then he walked into a hill and saw a few little goblets of rabies which threw bananas at his orange face. So he scaled the wall and killed the prized pigeon frog of Australia which tried to run into the next red house, which was supplied with fifty dog babies and shocker men and bears. And then the world was deleted and became a corrupted file inside the brain of Harry Potter. So they took Harry’s cat and used peanut butter to hit the baseball in the yellow orange made of turtles and Jellyfish biscuits. But it was sad that seagulls loved five dogs and they were all made of stony innards. Then they found a rip in the curtain of haggis that the butterfly men bought using 5 dollars and their eyes. And then the chicken bell rang and that made the clouds go to school and think about the making of the universal studios. Then he few into a blue waterfall made of water but then it became a bear with ptero-wings, and they cooked the dinosaur and drank the saddles of the juicy elephant.