Friday, 27 May 2016

Week 4 reflection

So this week, I didn't do my DLO for maths, so there will be no numeracy.


This week, for the word above I already forgot we did poetry. Wait what are we talking about? OMG my head hurts so much. Oh yeah poetry. We wrote a poem that made no sense. View it at this link I nearly forgot about but then remembered. MY DIDGERI- wait what are talking about again?


 I made an animation. As you will see a man goes to space. Link to the video is HERE, but if it doesn't work because your internet modem just caught on fire because you are hiding from a psycho killer here is the video on my blog.


Okay so for maths I- woops I forgot what I was going to say. That must be very awesome and gangster so I will Hey is that a whole air plane on my windowsill!? Wait were where we? Okay I will just skip this subject. (This is mostly because I did not do my DLO, or Dopey Latched Operation)

Last, but not least: Topic

For topic, us commies (AKA Mackenzie and I) are starting on our topic inquiry.
We are doing the reason Lord Rutherford of Nelson is on the 100 dollar note.
What I know about him already is that he did some science stuff, like changing the view of atoms. Yeah, that's what he did! That's the first thing I remembered- hey what? Woops, just slipped my mind. 

Thanks for reading this - uh - blog post, and bye!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

My didgeridoo poem

For writing this week, we looked at a Didgeridoo poem by Roger McGough.
Then highlighted it and looked at it again.
After that, we made a class poem. This meant everyone made a stanza, then we put it together.
Here is our team's stanza:

A rat
cannot rap while running
wolf down hot rabbit stew
Polar bears
pee into ice pools
But what does a didgeridoo?

Then we made our own nonsense poems. Miss Hines said mine was GREAT!!!
Here it is. Prepare to enter the wild part of blogger.

will dive into lava
with their keys are rude
shock pie to eat
But what does a didgeridoo?

can fry eggs to lukewarm
treat schools like some zoo
say hi then say Jeepers
But what does a didgeridoo?

will jump logs that are boggy
are as rabid as glue
fish for lonely stars
But what does a didgeridoo?

might do the conga
are the brand of some shoes
A cat
will chat with a puppy
But what does a didgeridoo?

What does a didgery
What does a didgery

What does a didgeridoo?

 P.S. Daleks and Krillitanes are Doctor Who monsters.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Week 3 Reflection

The following will be Kyle's week 3 refection.

New Stop-motion
I made a new stopmotion. Remember in the last stop-motion where the pink blob comes and takes the remote away? Well, this is the prequel.

The teachers have also shared with us another kind of stop-motion app. But in my opinion this one is quite boring compared to picpac. But it was fun to use, though. Here are the vids I made.

For numeracy this week, the Freaky Fractions (my group) learnt how to add and subtract decimal numbers. Here is a DLO explaining how to do this.


For writing, this very second I writing ONE WORD! See my work below.

Thanks for reading my fabulous work, and have a nice day!