Thursday, 19 May 2016

Week 1-2 Reflection


Our topic for this term is money. We have started using, which is a site for kids to find out how money works. The different stuff in the site includes: Real estate, tax, income, property insurance and much more. We then had to create a slide about where our taxes went. Here it is.

Now for numeracy, in the first week my group learnt about finding the volume of cubey shapes. Here is the slide I made explaining how to do this.

For writing we started writing poems. There is no need to explain, just read these beautiful poems I wrote.

My Colour Poems
by Kyle
Red looks like your victim’s fresh blood strewn across the floor
Red sounds like the screams of the people trying to escape
Red smells like the flaming, sinking ship beneath you
Red tastes like apple juice
Red feels like the warm glow on your skin, reflecting the humongous city that was put to an inferno.

by Kyle
Brown looks like my old dog Skippy’s handsomely soft fur.
Brown sounds like the little kids singing and dancing in the muddy dirt.
Brown smells like the aroma of mud wafting off my little chickens.
Brown tastes like the sweet, sweet treat of chocolate that can make one’s day.
Brown feels like the muddy ground.


Brown, sticky
Drops on ground
Boring, doesn’t feel anything

Strong, young
Guns shooting people
Lots of nervous people

Weird, sticky
Leaking from gumtrees
Makes you feel strange

Thank you for looking at this reflection!

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  1. What a fantastic blog post Kyle. I am very proud that you have listened to all the learning I shared with you today and you have followed the instructions perfectly!


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