Thursday, 22 September 2016

Country Study Slideshow- Taiwan

This is a slideshow, as you can see above. It has a video of me talking. The video is not very well made.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

New videos on my channel of me playing piano!

Here are the links to the videos: Vid 1, Vid 2, and Vid 3.
And down below are the actual videos.
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He Aha Tenei? - In the classroom

Here is a presentation that will teach you how to identify objects, from the classroom, in Maori.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Playing Justin Beiber's Baby, on piano, at Redroom + other stuff

First, I gotta say something.
Sorry for not posting a lot since I have gone to Taiwan! (You probably don't know I went there, because I didn't make a post about that.) And no, NOT in the shcooll- I mean school -holidays. Yes, we are in Taiwan when other people are in school. Sounds nice to you, huh? Well, it is not that fun. I still have to do homework, because our school is completely online now. But you still have to go to school though.
Surprise! I have also bought Minecraft in Taiwan, the game that is about breaking blocks,  placing blocks, and much, much more.
I played on a few servers, mostly Mineplex. I attempted to create a Minecraft gameplay video but the recording extension failed horribly. So I made THIS video to replace it. 


Now to the actual post.


Last Sunday,  I went to Redroom. You are wondering what that is, aren't you?
Well let me explain. Redroom is an event that happens every month, and is run by a lot of our friends. Who are mostly western families (well, at least half are.) And a Redroom event could be either 'Stage Time and Wine' for parents to do acts, and watch, or 'Stage Time and Juice' for kids. That day was Juice.
On that particular day, they were supporting Playing for change. And the idea of it was to have mostly kids doing acts, but there was a band doing Eighties music for the first, I dunno, hour? Then this guy volunteered to STEAL MY SONG I WAS GONNA PLAY!!! Well, he didn't say it like that but it felt like he did. I was sad. BUT THEN I played my song, and I felt much better, because of all the people singing along. Thanks to Nile and Hannah for holding up the words! :) The video link is HERE, or you could watch it at the end of this post. At the end, lot of the people (including my mom) were kind of annoyed that the parents stole our spotlight.