Saturday, 10 June 2017

Why I don't want to blog every time I learn a new thing

I got stabbed in the foot by a sewing needle a few minutes ago.
I like Mr Wood's education system, but have a problem with it.
Mr Wood wants us to blog every time we learn something, which is 2-3 times a day.
I think if I actually did blog it probably wouldn't help very much.
But I guess, like what I have been blogging recently, I only really blog when I want to.
Blogging is only one way of communicating.
I like presenting stuff in person more, like with music and talking.
And anyway, my audience is so small it's not really rewarding to blog on this blog.
I hate how the teachers changed us from being blog moderators to authors, unless we ask, and they agree, and then we get to be moderators for a small time. I liked my blog more when I could change the background whenever I felt like it. And also, my description about who I am (located at the top right) used to be a little different, but some teachers changed it to be more of what the majority call 'normal'.
Blogging also doesn't really motivate me to learn more things, just to show people what I can do.
I only do that with singing, dancing, instruments and magic tricks.
I don't really like the 'if one person does something bad, you all suffer' mindset.

But this is just MY view.
Peace out - Kyle


  1. Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging to record your learning. Did you get any feedback about why it might be good for you and/or other learners? It's great to see you considering your own learning style.

  2. Wow Kyle you really have made a point about how you learn and I value that! Keep blogging about things that want to change and share the link with me as I love your writing and your talking and your singing and your dancing. He whetu koe!


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