Friday, 9 June 2017

Hanmer Poem

It's 3:36.
Mr Wood told us to write a poem this week, and I finished it the day after.
Here is my poem.
Have you smelled Hanmer?
Of course you have.
Remember that time when the rotten egg smells of the sulphur pool
went in your nose until you walked into the hot pools
and the heat made you forget about the smells?
Remember the first time you went down the superbowl
and it was dark at first but then you go around the bowl hoping
you didn’t get stuck or fall to the last hole backwards?
That was Hanmer.

Remember the time when you saw everybody go up the rock climb
and you thought it looked easy but when you actually
tried it it was hard but you still climbed nearly to the top on the hard one
and all the way to the top on the easy one?
That was Hanmer.

Remember that time when you walked into the Lolly Pot
and saw all the delicious candies
like Warheads, BeanBoozled and Pear drops
and feeling the excitement of taking your pick?
That was Hanmer.

If you try really hard
can you remember that time
when you didn’t want to go mountain biking
because you wanted to go to the pools
and the expected time to finish was two hours
but your small group finished it in less than
45 minutes?
That was Hanmer.

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