Friday, 29 May 2015

Spooky Kooks - Water Warriors

Title: Spooky Kooks - Water Warriors
Author: Brett Woodward
Genre: Comedy
Summary: This book is about some Spooky Kooks, some kind of aliens in the ghoulish galaxy, come to earth because their galaxy smells horribly stinky, meet two kids that are trying to stop CRAPtech's (Conservation, Recycling And Pollution technology) evil boss from polluting their city.
Review: This book is really funny, and when it got to the part about CRAPtech I laughed out loud! I think if you like silly things, you would like to read this.

Monday, 25 May 2015

My 'Boy on a bike' drawing

WALT: use google draw to create a scene from a text

First we read a story called ‘Boy on a Bike’ written by Bronwen Wall. It was about a boy travelling the length of the North Island, on a fat bike, to raise money for the St John Ambulance service.

fat bike = A fat bike is a kind of bike with wide tires, so that it can ride through soft substances like sand or snow.

My 'Fox and girl' writing

The fox and the girl

“Get out of here, you mangy fox!” Yelled the little girl. I’m sorry, I thought, scared. I was too hungry… I darted speedily across the field, dodging the chicken houses with all my might. Finally I got back to the forest. I feel hunger still, hunger hunger hunger. And I also feel very unhappy. But now, I feel sleepy. Good night everyo- wait. I smell something. It smells like… Yep, its anger. Girl anger. I shudder in fear. As I look out of my hole, I see the little girl who shouted at me earlier. Her eyes are cold slits, and she’s stomping around on her two little feet. I feel fearful. It makes me run. I go on top of a piece of wood to see better. Great duckling pies, she has a dagger! And she’s coming for me!! I try to take her by surprise and jump over her. Then I race through the shallow bit of the river, and I jump to and fro in the bushes, trying to lose that crazy girl. After a while, I go out to see if she is still there. I hear a rustle in the bush, and as I slowly turn my head... something pounces on me! It’s the crazy girl! And her dagger! I squirm in fear as she slowly but surely raises the dagger to pierce me. In my head, I quickly form a plan. I my cute little eyes and make her feel bad for trying to kill me? Great idea, foxy! I use my eyes and reflect them in the moonlight. The girl starts to lower her dagger, surprised. She lets me go and I run away. YES! Foxy cuteness strikes again!
But then, it starts to snow. Hard. I see the girl fall to the ground, freezing. I feel sad. I prance back to the girl and make myself her blanket. She sucks her thumb and sleeps. At morning, I hear a sound. The girl wakes up. I see some big humans. I run away before they see me. They hug the girl and take her. I feel hungry. What shall I eat for breakfast?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My new stop-motions... about Minecraft!

Here are my videos about minecraft. The first one is called 'minecraft test', and the second is called 'What stampy and iBallisticsquid did after a hot bath'.

Friday, 15 May 2015

My KKN quiz score

I thought the most interesting thing was that selfie sticks were banned in hockey games, because they didn't block the way that much.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Creepella Von Cacklefur- Meet me at Horrorwood

Title: Creepella Von Cacklefur- Meet me at Horrorwood
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Genre: Humor, Fiction

Summary: Gorgo, the Cacklefur castle's moat monster, is lovesick with the famous movie star Blobbina. Creepella Von Cacklefur goes to horrorwood to find the star, but she has mysteriously dissapeared!
She calls Billy Squeakspeare to go to a theme park and save Blobbina. What will happen? read the book to find out.....

Review: I thought that this book was very funny. When I was reading the place were Gorgo didn't eat anything, I felt sorry for him.

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My writing

Today at literacy, I finished my writing.
I would like to show it to you:


Dear diary,
today is the day that some people will be chosen to go to war. I feel terrified. I don’t want to be chosen, I’m a terrible fighter! I might die... I hope they don’t come into my bedroom. I’m writing this as I’m hiding under my bed. Oh no, here they come! I can hear their feet thumping against the wooden floor. My heart is beating quickly, and I’m sweating like a pig. After a few minutes, they start to walk away. I sigh in relief. But then one turned around and said,”What’s that?” And the other guy said ,”I don’t know..another person?” They then start walking back to my bed, and they topple the bed over. They found me. As they dragged me to the door my mom wipes a tear away as dad hugs her. The rest of the day was in a wagon full of other people.


Dear diary,
today we went into the trenches. With no roof or bed, it doesn’t feel like home; but at least I can have some sleep, or play cards. Also, I saw that my old friends Jack, Bryan, Mino, Harley, Randy and Sidney. Sometimes we have to do chores, like clean out the toilets. When we’re doing chores, my friends tell me what they learnt in the trenches. They said that the field in the middle of the enemy’s and our trenches is called ‘No man's land’. I also found out there were a lot of people with the flu. There were a lot of rats in the toilets. In the morning we also have a stand-to. That’s about the only way we can stay alert.


Dear diary,
Yesterday I saw some guys joking about going on the no man’s land. When one guy actually stepped onto the land, I thought quickly and alerted my friends. We got some strong guys, and they grabbed the man and hauled him into the trench. That’s about all that happened yesterday


Dear diary,
Yesterday was horrible!
Some Turks were zooming across the field and were shooting bullets into the trenches. as you would think, it was our rest time. So before everyone woke up, a lot of people were shot down. Then, we got our guns and ran out to shoot the Turks. But when Sidney went, he fell down immediately. Harley rushed over to his body, and he died too. I got very mad and sad at the same time. Why did they kill two brothers? Were they planning something? I thought this as I flew across the grassy fields, over the dead bodies of soldiers, and shooting the Turks at the same time.


Dear diary,
today I ran away.

I ran away because I was scared, I ran away because I hated the trenches, and I ran away because I thought killing was awful. I think that while I was running, I saw Harley and Sidney coming after me. When I blinked and looked again, I found out it was just an illusion. Or was it?

Friday, 8 May 2015

Room 11's Blog: Friday awards

Room 11's Blog: Friday awards

Room 11's Blog: Awesome Award Achievers!

Room 11's Blog: Awesome Award Achievers!: Today's awards winners! Callan and Jack for great leadership and attitudes!  Kyle to welcome him to our school! Emma won her stati...

W.A.R.P- The reluctant assassin

Title: W.A.R.P- the reluctant assassin
Author: Eoin Colfer
Genre: Sci-Fi

Summary: Riley, a kid from the Victorian times, is an assistant to Garrick, an assassin. Chevie, a young FBI agent, has been told to use a W.A.R.P () pod and stop the assassin. What will happen? Read the book to find out!

Review: I really liked this book, even though it is quite long. It is very good if you like lots of fighting and action.
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Kiwi kids news Quiz: a very amazing person

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My score in quizlet - kai - space race

Look at my score in space race!
Can anyone beat me?

World's largest animals

Just like humans come in all shapes and sizes, so do animals. Similar to how some humans are crazily big and tall there are some animals that are far bigger than you’d expect! Here are some of them.

African Giant Snail
Although these snails look no differed than the ones you may find in your garden – they certainly are bigger! These African Giant Snails can grow up to 8 inches in length.
File:Giant African Land Snail.jpg
Flemish Rabbit
This isn’t your typical bunny! Flemish rabbits can weight anywhere between 6.4kg and 10kg! If it wasn’t for the unmissable rabbit ears, you might mistake this fluffy giant for a dog!
Giant Freshwater Stingray
These water monsters can weigh up to 590kg! They are also endangered in many of the Asian waterways were they are found.
Coconut Crab
You won’t find this guy on your typical beach! The coconut crab has huge powerful claws which are strong enough to crack open coconuts. They are also a bit bigger than your average crab!
Giant George the Great Dane
Giant George holds a world record in the Guinness Book of Records and weighs 111kgs and eats almost 50 kgs of dog food every month.
African Goliath Frog
This huge frog can live for up to 15 years and eats everything from birds to snakes!
Nomura’s Jellyfish
This huge stinger is found in the waters off Japan and can weigh up to 199kg.
Mekong Catfish
This fish can be found in the polluted waterways of China and can grow up to 3 metres long and weighs up to 294kgs.
Trigger the Cow
Trigger is almost 2 metres tall, is 4 metres long and weighs over a ton! Scientist believe that the beef from Trigger along could produce 7665 Big Mac burgers!
Bismarck Flying Fox
This is the largest bat in the world! They live in the treetops of New Guinea and eats fruit.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Tremors: enter at your peril

Title: Enter at your peril
Author: Eleanor Allen
Genre: Horror

Summary: This book is about a kid who goes into a house when his mom tells him not to. A dead lady comes back to life and makes him feed her cat.
Review: I didn't really think this book was scary, because I've seen more scarier stories. Also, I don't get scared of stories, unless they are very, VERY scary.