Thursday, 10 March 2016

Main Stars: Curious Cove camp

Here is the lost diary of Kyle Hsieh. Some rescuers found and recovered his Chromebook from the rubble of Gey Main School. We believe it is about Curious Cove camp in 2016.

Typing start <Day 1 Today when I was on the bus, I puked all over myself so I had to change and then go into the school van. When we got off we had to make a chain, so that we could smush all the bags into the water taxi. Then we DID NOT SEE ANY DOLPHINS. After that, we berthed our boat and entered Curious Cove. And so we had some dinner and went to sleep. Here are our cabins.
Day 2 This day we stayed at the camp and ate pies for lunch. By the way, our breakfast was jam and/or butter and/or vegemite and/or honey. We also got to pet pigs, record random videos, look at Mackenzie's dog (who is a Jedi) and play in the games room. It was a great day. Unfortunately, I didn't use my GoPro.
Day 3 Today was a great day! We climbed a mountain, and even though I kept slipping over, well- I mean once, it was so entertaining. When we got to the top, we got to see this incredible view and eat our delightful snack. Wait, did I already say the view was incredible? 'Cause the view was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Here are some pictures and videos of that day.

Day 4 That day we went on a launch to catch some FISH OH YEAHHHH!!! But I didn't take my fishing rod and the hang lines were hard to use, so I could not catch any. :( But... we ate hotdogs so I was happy again! That night, we learnt a line we had to remember if we wanted to enter the competition win a prize tomorrow morning. I am so excited!
>) )~
  /  \
Day 5 This was the last day of camp, and so a) we got up at 6 in the morning, b) We ate breakfast and SOPHIE SPEARS (not me) won the prize: it was a free camp at Curious Cove voucher!!!! Then, c) we went on the water taxi and Jimmy and I played MineCraft Story Mode on Mackenzie's Tablet with him. We then decided to create b0oM t0wN!!! using this map he downloaded, and we destroyed the mansion. When we got off we did the bag chain again, onto the buses. And this time, I didn't puke! Yayyyy! > Typing end

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  1. Hello Kyle, I was looking at your image of google and it said u had a blog, I just went 2 weeks ago! I survived Kahikatea! Tony is nice huh?


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