Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A letter to a curious New Zealander

Our school is part of an experiment to see how connected New Zealanders are.

We have to write a letter to a Curious New Zealander of our choice. Then we have to pass the letter onto a random person with the instruction to pass it on to someone who might know the person who might know the person whom the letter is addressed. After they receive it, getting proof with a selfie, an email or something can be good proof that it got there.

I have chosen John Gully from the Everest Treks as my Curious New Zealander because I am really interested in Mount Everest, and also because my friend Jimmy keeps talking about him. I am going to first give my letter to my friend Jimmy because he is related to John Gully (which is why he keeps talking about John.
John Gully

Since there are a lot of postcards in the pile, I get to send a second person.
For the second Curious New Zealander, I have chosen Stan Walker because he is a cool recording artist, actor and TV personality. I'm going to first tweet him to see if he knows anyone that knows him (idea from Corianna), because I need to find out who knows him. Updates may come soon.
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Stan Walker

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