Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Wild Deer Debate: Locating

This week we are doing some reading comprehension. It is on a debate about if deer should stay or not. Here is the PDF file version:

Here is my locating work.

The Wild Deer Debate
In this article there are two sides to this debate-those that want deer to stay and those that don't Four opinions are given. Use this organiser to locate those for and against deer, with their reasons.

  • Buck and Luke don’t think the small damage by deer is a big problem.
  • They like it when they have healthy, lean meat in their freezers.
  • They think that deer should be able to breed freely so people can keep hunting them.
  • Mike thinks aerial hunting is the best way of getting deer.
  • He also thinks 1080 would also work well, but would be controversial.
  • He thinks that if he had the conservationist job before they came, he would have said NO to the import.
  • Warren thinks that deer hunting is a good sport adults and children can do together.
  • He thinks that hunting is a good job to have.
  • He also thinks that hunting is not just killing deer, but the whole experience.
  • Debs and Michael think that in a perfect world, there would be no deer in NZ.
  • They think that if there were no deer in NZ, the flora and fauna could live safely.
  • They think poison might not be a good approach, since people will probably rebel more.
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