Friday, 31 March 2017

Weekly Reflection - Week 9

Good morning, residence of planet Earth.
And welcome to... Week 9 reflection!
So today, there is actually a family fiesta, where people come to school after school,  have a bit of a party, and eat food.


For literacy this week, Mr Wood told us to write a post-apocalyptic story. Here is my story plot.

ZERO Draft

Outside, raining lightly, sneaking around with 2 people (Casey-somebody, Matthew-from school), on the lookout for Skywatchers and Landroamers. Talk about trying to take down The robot overlord, Felix Kjellberg. Sky is orange, sun is setting. We are all wearing the normal clothes from when this started, but painted dark green for camo. We each have a walkie talkie watch, and a spare battery.
Inciting Incident (event that causes conflict)
We move slowly around a fallen Landroamer. Its one hypnotic eye is moving around, trying to find motion.
Rising Action
It hears our footsteps, and looks right at us. A warning signal wavers through its rusty sound outputs. The Skywatchers come after us, we run as fast as we can and dodge the exploding laser beams. We hide in the city for a few weeks, waiting for Felix to show himself. We stock up on weapons, and slowly eat the dehydrated potatoes.
Felix comes. We have a sneaky fight, but Omar gets shocked by Felix’s charge. I stab Felix straight in the forehead. He keels over… and gets up again. He is a robot. I stab him in multiple places as Matthew shoots a laser beam from a zapper we stole from the Landroamer before it alarmed the Skywatchers.
Falling action
Felix is finally dead, but of course there are more bots in this intelligence circle. We find people who have been chipped, but haven’t passed the point of no return. We unchip as many people as we can.

We have nearly rescued all the people in this small city, and so many of them have already made weapons with the tech from the Skywatchers and Landroamers.

For art this week, we made our learning maps. Here is a link to my video explaining my learning map.

I have also baked a few cupcakes for Family Fiesta, and they are just normal flavoured with green icing.

And that's about all I can think of.

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