Thursday, 10 September 2015

Top dog

This week, we did a financial project called 'Top Dog'. It involved thinking of where to put the dog, choosing a breed and buying stuff for him. For this project, we had to make a copy of the 'Top Dog Pooch Sheet'. Then we had to follow the steps of updating the pooch sheet. Here is mine and Reilly's:

Our dog was a Parson Russel Terrier, so we named him Scruffy. We had to figure out which kind of things we had to buy for Scruffy, like a leash and collar. Here is what we bought:

For grooming, I found a site for NZ and chose the Gold Groom.

For the holiday kennels, I found a site and chose 'Small Dog' because Parsons are small.
Then we did food. We clicked a link in the process, and calculated our food. We chose 1/2 cups of kibble and 2 large biscuits, and the energy was good enough for Scruffy.

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